Cancellation your hosting/email account:

Please complete the following form in order to cancel your web hosting package.

To cancel your hosting/email account with Web Ace Inc, you must send a formal request. Your cancellation request will be processed on the last day of your billing cycle, with the exception of cancellations done within the 30 day money back guarantee period. No refunds will be given beyond the 30 day period, and a domain name registration cannot be cancelled.


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Be aware that your cancellation notice will be processed immediately. BACKUP YOUR SERVER INFORMATION AND RETRIEVE YOUR EMAIL(s) FIRST.

Remember, cancelled domain names may be released for anyone to register. All related data – website files, emails, databases, etc. – will be removed from our server and will not be subject to recovery.

The Web Ace Cancellation Policy is subject to change without notice.

The Cancellation Policy was last updated on September 13, 2006.

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