Web Ace Inc uses an electronic invoicing system.  You will receive your invoice either by email as a PDF attachment, by email as a text message, or by email with a link to our online billing system.  Typically, invoices are sent within two business days after your project is completed and on the first day recurring (i.e. hosting) services are due.

You should notify Web Ace Inc. immediately if you fail to receive an invoice and have been informed that services are complete.  Our billing system use email tracking to confirm that an invoice has been delivered.  We are notified upon successful delivery and viewing of the invoice.  Upon request, Web Ace Inc will mail or fax you a copy of an invoice (for an additional fee)

Billing Policy for Consulting, Development and Design Services: All balances for completed work are due upon receipt of invoice. Balances not received within 15 days are subject to finance charges of 2% per month or 24% annually to accrue starting the day after the invoice date, and will continue to accrue on the total or remaining balance until the client’s account balance is paid in full.

Billing Policy for Change Orders :
All balances for change orders are due prior to commencement of work.

Payments :
All customers who wish to pay monthly are required to provide a valid credit card or post-dated cheques for a term of one year.

Billing Policy for Email Services and Web Hosting :
Service fees are due upon date of invoice. Payment of invoices must be received to Web Ace Inc. by 5pm MST on the invoice date or client agrees to pay a $15.00 late payment charge. If payment has not been received by 5pm on the tenth (10) day after the invoice due date, the account will be frozen (made inaccessible to the outside public) and you will be denied access via FTP, Web, E-mail or by any other means to the account until payment has been resolved. If Customer fails to make payment within 30 days of invoice date, Customer shall be permanently removed from Web Ace web servers without notice. All overdue accounts shall incur a 2% per month or 24% annual interest charge until balance is paid in full.

NSF Fee :
NSF fee charge of $35.00 for each payment drawn on your account returned due to insufficient funds.  Dishonored cheque fee charge of $35.00 for each cheque received in payment of your account dishonored when presented for payment.

Cancellation of Meetings :
24 hour notice is required when canceling a meeting at the client’s premise.  Failure to provide such notice will result in a $50 charge which will be applied to the final invoice.

The Web Ace Billing Policy is subject to change without notice.

The Billing Policy was last updated on August 5, 2008.